Our Staff

The People Who Make It Happen

From Left to Right:
Robert, Kayla, Carissa, Carmel, Scott & Celeste

Carmel Therien, Owner

B & M Printing was established in 1982 by Bertrand and Marguerite Girard, my sister and brother-in-law. I have been involved in every aspect of the family business for over 30 years, subsequently purchasing it in 2005. From design and production to administration, I’m on site, working with the team. As the owner of a small business, I understand how time and money constraints can hinder your efforts to successfully promote your own business.

We’re here to help! We get to know each of our clients and their businesses and we partner with many vendors to create high quality, professionally designed products to suit your budget. My courteous, helpful and knowledgeable staff will go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. I am very proud of this growing family owned and operated business and will someday pass it on to the dedicated B&M Team.

Kayla (Therien) Marsh, Graphic Designer/Office Manager

Kayla (Carmel’s Daughter) joined the B&M Team in 2006. She has managed the forefront of B & M Printing since the day she started. Her dedication to providing exceptional customer service and high quality finished printed products to our customers exemplify our core values. Her commitment to growth & knowledge is the future of B & M Printing. She has taken business courses as well as graphic arts programs which have helped her with the
one-on-one customer consultations and graphic designing services offered to our customers.

She has proven to be a determined, passionate employee and a leader for the B&M Team. If you are looking for a unique look or a branding logo you definitely want to sit with Kayla

Carissa Therien, Clerical/Sales Representative/Pre-Press/Post-Press Operations

Carissa (Carmel’s Daughter) joined the B&M Team in 2008. We like to think of Ris as our
all around girl. She is involved in virtually every aspect of the business such as order processing, invoicing, bookkeeping, pre-press, post-press bindery, numbering, collating, folding, booklet making and deliveries. She is also apprenticing in the sign department and continues to learn and grow with the business. I believe she will prove to be a right hand to Kayla and share the business with her when Carmel (Mom) retires.
If you are looking for a customer representative to follow through from start to finish, Carissa will get it done!

Robert Souliere, Awards, Trophies & Engraving/Post-Press operations

Robert (Carmel’s Brother) has been employed at B & M Printing since 1982 with prior owners Bert & Margaret and continues the legacy with Carmel. His prior work experience includes Dennison Printing as a machine operator and The Robbins Company in shipping and receiving. Rob’s many years of experience has proven to make him a highly knowledgeable employee. He is involved with the post-press bindery operations and delivering the finished products to our customers. He solely oversees and is responsible for the trophy segment of B & M Printing. If you need a trophy, plaque or engraving Rob will fulfill your needs!

Scott Generalao, Sign Department/Press Department

Scott (Newly Found Brother & Friend) joined the B&M Team in November 2012. Scott has over 22 years of experience in the printing and sign industry. He was formerly
employed by Carlson Craft as a group lead Forman press operator for a single & two color press. Scott also worked for Chase Thermographics as a pressroom supervisor. Before joining us Scott worked at McZip the Printer & Signs (which was aquired by B&M
Printing in 2012) as a press operator and ran the sign department. Scott has proven to be a great asset to the B&M Team and has lead us into another aspect of printing ~ the sign industry. If you need banners, yard signs, tees signs or vehicle lettering of any kind, Scott’s the man to see!

Celeste Chretien, Customer Service Representative

Celeste (Newly Found Sister & Friend) joined the B & M Team in November 2012. She has over 30 years of experience in the print industry. Celeste was formerly employed by Tenczar Studios & Press, American Speedy Printing, PrintSource and McZip the Printer & Signs.

Her exceptional customer service along with her dedication to detail and growth of the business has proven to be an asset to the B & M Printing Team. Her knowledge of the
print industry is extensive and ever growing with the new technology. If you are looking to promote your business to the fullest, Celeste is eager to help!

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